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Music production

Music composition & songwriting

Composing and producing music and songs is a matter close to our hearts. From finding the melody to the finished lyrics - we make your story resound according to your wishes.

Vocal recordings & Recording

Take five! For recording instruments and vocals, we select the optimum microphone for you from over 20 top-class microphones. We raise your performance to the maximum, because a flawless recording is the prerequisite for a first-class result.

Music production & arrangement

With suitable voicings and atmospheric soundscapes, we create exciting arrangements with emotional highlights. With our gigantic collection of sound libraries, our possibilities are almost limitless.

Editing, Mixing & Mastering

It's a wrap! As soon as your ideas and recordings are in the can, it's time to perfect the sound of the work. The individual audio tracks are edited and mixed in detail. Analog mastering gives your final track more substance and brilliance. Be it for the kitchen radio or huge loudspeakers at events.

Choose a song

Listen to the comparisons before and after mastering. Please pay attention to the volume level before playback!

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Feels from the concrete jungle.

Dance Electronic

Nz Nz baby.

Synth Pop

Like normal pop but with a synthesizer.

Indie Pop

Like Synth Pop but without the synthesizer.

Songs in which we were involved in mixing and mastering for stereo and Dolby Atmos.


Dolby Atmos

Eight Future – EDM

A fresh, modern track with a pinch of 80s.

Clouds – Corporate

A string ensemble combined with gentle piano sounds results in an arrangement in ¾ time.

Jump Street 46 – Funk

Groovy bass lines and incisive horns provide a good dose of funk.

Supremacy – Orchestral

Epic film music with a strong structure and, for the first time, with the NJP choir (full cast!).

Rush Hour – Dance

Trendy pluck sounds give this rousing dance track the "shuffle feeling".

Night Walkers – Orchestral

Good vs. evil, musically interpreted and composed for the Edi.16.

Golden Leaf – Big Band

A melancholic mid-tempo "swing" production with NJP's only clarinetist.

Manga – J-Pop

Hard beat with broken electronic sounds in the J-Pop genre.

Pantomine – Ambient

Spherical music with vocals and cello, based on just one basic tone.

Old Friend – Reggae

Newborn reggae song with vocals from NJP.

Sunset Paradise – Pop Reggaeton

A trendy, melancholy summer track with rhythmic elements from reggaeton.

Pulse – Corporate

Playful melodies on a pulsating, continuous beat.

Drive & Chill – R&B

Cool, modern R&B track with striking guitar licks.

Lillibeth – Soundtrack

A powerful, orchestral production with a guaranteed shudder effect.

Lollipop – Children

Funny melodies, funny sound effects -NJP in Wonderland.

The Whales Chant – Instrumental Pop

Atmospheric underwater world with bubbling sounds and a modern drumbeat.

Maid for Gold – Hip Hop

A detour into hip-hop with typical, massive 808 sounds.

I Want Georgia – Soundtrack

A musical narrative from a mystical fairytale world to bossa nova and the dramatic finale of a film score.

Phenom Dance – Soundtrack

Surprising soundtrack with oriental influences and unexpected sound effects.

Far Away – Soft Rock

Light rock ballad played by a guitarist who actually preferred heavy metal.

Hairspray – Soul

Young, cheeky track in a mixture of soul, funk and pop-rock.

Laurel’s Theme – Soundtrack

A poignant piano composition, supported by clarinet and a gentle string ensemble.

Rainbow Trip – Psychedelic

Our only psychedelic number with sitar and guitar.

The Inner Light – Ambient

A soundtrack with a focus on sound design, ambient and world music.

Cry of the Jungle – Percussion

A pure percussion work with percussion instruments from all over the world.

So What! – Soul/Hip-Hop

An instrumental in soul and hip-hop style with a concise "Pluck" melody.

Winter is Coming – Film Score

Atmospheric arrangement of SFX and music describes a cold winter's night.

Under the label NJP Music, we release songs produced and composed by us, first and foremost the concept album "relations" by the musicians' collective ECHOTYPES. The first two singles "Driving Off" and "Fallin'" were released at the beginning of October 2021. Further tracks are available on all popular streaming platforms.

Discover now at echotypes.com or

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