The SONY C-800G microphone - a sought-after rarity for vocals and rap - at NJP STUDIOS.
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Professional speakers

From commercial voice-over artists and storytellers to serious documentary voice-overs and well-known dubbing actors: we have them all. In addition, new professional talents are constantly being added to our pool of voice talents. This allows us to offer an even greater variety of voices.

The professional voice talents in our database have many years of experience, so that we can carry out the recordings as time-efficiently and product-oriented as possible.

Speaker database

Our extensive voice talent database with thousands of voice actors from Germany and abroad includes over 20,000 voice samples. This means we can always find the right voice for your product. You can find a selection online on our speaker tool.


The right voice reinforces your message. Should it be unique? Famous? Emotional or determined? We will put together a casting tailored to your project with audio samples.

Would you prefer to put together your casting yourself? Our new speaker tool makes it possible. Find the right voice for your product from a selection of speakers.


You send us your briefing. We take care of the entire coordination. From clarifying the date to booking, coordination and invoicing.