The NJP STUDIOS team in the in-house garden.
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The NJP Team

Our mindset

Heart and soul. Experience, know-how, technology, room acoustics. We could talk at length about that now. But it's not interesting because it goes without saying. More important for us is the attitude to get the best out of your order. Passion, team spirit, commitment, joy: these are our success factors for excellent results and your satisfaction. 120%.

NJP STUDIOS - Leoš Gerteis - Senior Producer, CEO and Owner.

Leoš Gerteis

Managing Director, Founder
Head of Production | Music Producer
The only creative numbers person. His music collection is claustrophobic. Boss with charm. Plays the clarinet. But loves Prince. Gourmet with a bite. Helou and nöd schlächt. Tough but hearty. Prefers black with a splash of gray. Idea generator. Perfectionist. Pacesetter.
NJP STUDIOS - Gabriela Mukavec - Office Administration and Organization.

Gabriela Mukavec

Backoffice | Booking | Accounting | Management
Hello! Smiling. Loves tea. And aperitifs. Service without limits. Likes to feast for life. Wide awake. Joy is contagious. Music in the air. Team spirit. Conductor. Manager. Bundle of energy, philanthropist, organizational talent.
NJP STUDIOS - Jeffrey Rulloda - Audio Postproduction, Composer, Producer.

Jeffrey Rulloda

Music Producer | Audio Post Production
Filipino with Appenzell charm. Or vice versa? Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter. Sly. Cheerful nature. Always strikes the right note. Loves the Pittsburgh Penguins. Bar counter.
NJP STUDIOS - Noah Moor - Video, graphics, web design.

Noah Moor

Animation | Visual Effects
The freerunner in the team. Loves cheese. And pizza. A rather atypical Bernese fast-talker. Nevertheless, a calm mind. Creative talent. Technology freak. Passion for games and motion design. Former future drummer - we're working on it.